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character design draft 3

November 8, 2009


for the recruit i picked a lighter color of him compared to the sergeant as i want recruit to be a newbie who has never been out in the world for long and it is his first time exploring the world. my basic color is grey so the difference will be a light and dark grey.


character design draft 2

November 8, 2009


i have added the color for sergeant fly. i wanted to have the army feel. so i made the sergeant wearing the uniform and with the sergeant logo attached onto the wing. i made the sergeant having eye bag as to show that he is a very hardworking sergeant fly who committed himself with the army for a long time. mustache as to show he is old and seniority.

character design draft 1

November 8, 2009


This is my first sketch of my character design. to show the difference of the two character, i have add in sergeant logo, mustache and the different of the size of the two character.


November 8, 2009