Breaking news: Obama kills fly

Wed Jun 17, 9:43 pm ET

Alert the media: President Obama killed a fly. Oh wait, it’s obvious that the media already knows this.

In case you haven’t been forwarded the viral video, or haven’t seen any of the dozens of headlines splashed across worldwide news sites (AP: “Barack Obama: The human flyswatter,” Canadian Press: “Obama kills annoying fly, then keeps going on in TV interview,” NY Daily News: “No presidential pardon for this pest”), here’s the video of our president killing a fly whilst doing an interview with CNBC.

Considering America’s obsession with all things celebrity, it’s not surprising that our photo-friendly president would become paparazzi fodder. But is it getting to be too much? When a story about Barack Obama killing a fly makes it into the same story as Kate Gosselin allegedly spanking one of her eight children, should we be re-evaluating our priorities?

The always-controversial Bill Maher put it this way in his “Real Time” monologue last Friday:

“This is not what I voted for. I don’t want my president to be a TV star…[Obama’s] getting a puppy! He’s eating a cheeseburger with Joe Biden! He’s taking the wife to Broadway and Paris —- this is the best season of ‘The Bachelor’ yet!”

The self-described Libertarian pundit went on to say that he’s glad Obama got elected, but that it’s disappointing that Obama hasn’t been “putting it on the line against the banks, the insurance companies, the energy companies who run the country and in many ways, have ruined this country.”

Though Maher went out on a limb with his rant, he noticed something interesting at the Friday taping. He told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“Up until last Friday, whenever I said anything critical about him, I was getting booed by my audience because they’re liberal Southern Californians…But on Friday, they were cheering.”

Is it true? Are more Americans agreeing that Obama is focusing too much on winning the world over with his charm and not enough on bringing about the change he had promised?

Anne Dunev concurs with Maher. The Huffington Post’s health writer, annoyed by Obama’s ubiquitous TV appearances (“Who does Obama think he is – Lindsay Lohan? Every time I look at the news, there is Obama – having another Kodak moment.”) implores Obama to, instead, concentrate on fixing our failing healthcare system.

She wrote:

“Our PR is not going to matter much if the Ship of State is rudderless and we crash on the shore of our own greed and stupidity.”

Exposure in it of itself isn’t a bad thing. There’s nothing inherently wrong with having a president who is as comfortable making a cameo on the “Daily Show” as he is meeting with foreign ministers, as long as he uses the political and popular capital he’s sowing to get things done.

With the troubles of the world demanding attention (two wars, Iran and North Korea, to name a few) and the tribulations of our own country ringing in our ears (unemployment, foreclosures, healthcare, etc.), forget the flies, we want a president who will swat Congress into action.

-Allison Louie-Garcia

extracted date: 8 Novemeber 2009

Credit: Yahoo! news


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