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scene 1 background- overview of the street

November 30, 2009

moodboard- with shadow

November 24, 2009

this is my layout for the kitchen. for the color palette, i followed the cupboard in my house kitchen as reference.

update- Sergeant

November 22, 2009


November 19, 2009

layout of the kitchen, colored. flat colors with basic forms. to be improve on it soon.

new character design- sergeant

November 18, 2009

another new design for the sergeant fly. same as the recruit fly, the sergeant is with his uniform and this time, i made him wear a hat. another distinguish item to show the different between the two character.

background- draft

November 18, 2009

this is my first layout of the kitchen with the basic items drawn.

new chatacter design- Recruit – color

November 18, 2009

this is another color test, in their naked self. with flat light grey color.

new character design- Recruit

November 18, 2009

this is my new character design. it is a completely different design comapred to the previous. i have recieved comments that the fly doesn’t look like a fly and therefore i have consulted Mr Ronald regarding the fly design. For the new recruit fly, I have made him to have a big stomach. To show that new recruit who just entered the army, unfit and unsure of the situation. I made him wear the army uniform and the basic color stay the same, light grey.

jam- first draft

November 18, 2009

this si the first jam jar i have drawn. so bacsically will be leftover of jam and a little bit of water added in it to attract the fly with the smell of the jam.

hand movement- try out for animatics

November 18, 2009