February 2, 2010


Adjustment layer

January 31, 2010

adjustment layer is a alpha layer, which means transparent layer. it is use when you add in effect which does not require any color to achieve the effects.

after effects- easy vignettes

January 31, 2010

i am using vignettes effect for my poster scene as it creates a effect of blurring the border of my poster and it creates a feel of memory/ flashback which is what i wanted.

so now i am going to type down the steps of achieving the effect.

credit to http://www.estrellastudios.com

link from: http://www.estrellastudios.com/blog/blog-video/after-effects-top-quick-vignettes/

toolbar -> new select adjustment layer.
on the adjustment layer, toolbar -> eclipse tool. draw the circle on the area u want the effect to be apply on.

on the same layer, click ‘M’ which is the mask attribute.
check on ‘inverted’
increase the ‘mask feather’ and ‘ mask expansion’

add in the ‘vignette’ effect.

add in ‘fast blur’ effect as well and increase the number.

you can also add in the color correct to change the color.

and there is the vignette effect.

new moodboard with food

January 16, 2010

I have added in the food (rice, cake, chicken, egg, soup and vegetable) and probably i will be adding in shadows under the plate.


January 12, 2010

this is the final threatening poster (i hope). With the help of Adeline, I gave some gradient and add some texture to the background. For this poster, it is used in the scene when the Recruit fly remember of seeing the poster that alert the other flies of this new dangerous item (which is the jam jar). with the text, i summaries the danger of the jam and how to identify this dangerous item.

new jam jar

January 8, 2010

to make it look more like a jam jar, i have added text on the jar and emphasis on the sweetness of the jam. and i have also added in expiry date on the bottom corner of the jar.

dead fly

January 7, 2010

kitchen top view

January 7, 2010

long street

January 4, 2010

when i was doing my opening scene, i realise that my image is not long enough to do a long pan shot. as time is running out. i decide to duplicate the shot and change the color and change the arrangement of the houses. then making small changes and adding in the clouds. and there, my long shot of the street.

various food

January 2, 2010